Permanent Makeup – All Types

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Non-Laser Tattoo Removal – Limited Size and Physical Areas, Consultation is Required. 

All services provided with the finest materials, compounds and pigments.

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What We Do

Professional Cosmedics

​​Restore your Natural Beauty, Live life with Confidence
  • 5: Permanent Makeup Corrective Services
    6: Recreation of Facial Symmetry
    7: Lip Colorization / Lip Liner
    8: Eyebrow Restoration / Eye Liner

Medical Reconstructive Tattooing / Permanent Makeup Services

1: Camouflage of Post Trauma / Burn and Lesion Scarring
2: Camouflage of Post-Surgical Incision Scarring
3: Post Cancer Surgery / Breast Reconstruction  - (Areola / Nipple Complex)
4: Post Cancer Surgery (Re-colorization of Grafted Nipple Complex) 

Medical Reconstructive